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Finding Quality Time for the Cat (in the Age of Children)

"If I stay in this diaper box, he's bound to find me at some point."

"If I stay in this diaper box, he's bound to find me at some point."

Every day I come home exhausted from work, then switch into toddler patrol mode for a very active toddler. Once she toddles off to bed, I prep food for the next day, wash an absurdly large amount of toddler dishes, then plop on the couch ready to pass out. I'm so spent that engaging in quality time with the cat often becomes an afterthought.

But when the cat walks up and stares at me, I feel guilty. I know she wants to play but I just don't always have it in me. I'll encourage her to jump up on the couch next to me so I can pet her without having to move too much. Sometimes it works. Sometimes she scolds me with her eyes for being so lazy.

I try my best to play with her when I can. Often it happens late at night after I've brushed my teeth, when I have a final smidge of energy. Just enough to get on the floor and wave a plastic rod attached to a feathery string, which makes the cat light up with playful glee. It shouldn't be so hard finding pockets of quality time for the cat. I just have to make sure to look for them.

Review from Cat Lady Confidential

Another lovely book review came out today, this time from Cat Lady Confidential. Here's a short excerpt:

"Even though I’m not a guy – as you may have noticed :), I still enjoyed reading the book. The author’s dry and slightly abrasive humor made me laugh and his frank stories reminded me of episodes in my own life."

Check out the full review at CatLadyConfidential.com.

7 Ways Raising a Child is Easier Than Raising a Cat

It was very difficult to get them both to sit still on the scale.

It was very difficult to get them both to sit still on the scale.

  1. A child will occasionally do what she's told.
  2. It's unlikely a child will give you a dead rodent as a gift.
  3. A child can be tricked into thinking a trip to the doctor's office is a fun adventure. A cat will never be fooled about visiting the vet.
  4. There's substantially less shedding with a child.
  5. A child will not come home with fleas or ticks. Just the occasional lice infestation.
  6. When you're flying somewhere, you don't have to stuff your child into a small bag.
  7. The laughter of a child can bring a smile to your face. The laughter of a cat can leave you confused and terrified.

7 Ways Raising a Cat is Easier Than Raising a Child

Scale image is to scale.

Scale image is to scale.

  1. A cat can bathe herself.
  2. The loudest meow is nothing compared to the standard volume of a child.
  3. A child will never use the litter box properly, no matter how many times you put her in it.
  4. Even the smartest cat cannot figure out how to use a doorknob.
  5. Diapers never come into play with a cat.
  6. When you leave a cat alone for the weekend, you don't have to worry about child protective services being called.
  7. A cat will never throw her food across the room to indicate she's done eating.

Top 5 Acts of a Confident Cat

(illustration by Zhenya Yanovich)

(illustration by Zhenya Yanovich)

  1. Dipping her paw in your water glass.
  2. Swatting your cheek when it's time to wake up.
  3. Sitting with her butt directly in your face.
  4. Scratching the couch instead of the scratching post next to it.
  5. Licking her private areas in public areas.

Confidence is the backbone of who you are. It affects how you go about your day and your life. Shelly had the confidence to say "I know he's trying to sleep, but I'm going to lay down and take a nap on his face." I respected that, even if it meant finding cat hair in my nose every morning.

-- excerpt from "How My Cat Made Me a Better Man." Out now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Review Roundup: Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries, and Meows + 15 and Meowing

It's Thursday, so it's the perfect day to feature two Monday-themed reviews! Here's a bit of what Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries & Meows had to say:

"At times quite humorous, at times quite profound, this is a quick read that will leave you looking for ways to simplify your own life in order to become as content as your cat."

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15andMeowing.com also weighed in, noting...

"The author made some great observations about living a happy life from his cat, Shelly."

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