How My Cat Made Me a Better Man

I was broke, alone, and living in a shoebox-sized apartment. It was a real bummer. But my cat, Shelly, was content. As long as she had food and a reasonably clean litter box, problems never got her down. So I decided to watch her closely and adapt her methods to my own life. And it worked! I managed to gain confidence, improve my relationships, and even develop a sense of style (which I never thought was possible).

illustration by Zhenya Yanovich

illustration by Zhenya Yanovich

When I followed Shelly's lessons, I became a better man. Now I want to share what I learned with the countless other guys trying to improve their own lives. That's why I wrote this book. Chapters include:

  • Fear: You Can't Always Hide Behind the Toilet -- Learn how to conquer your fears, whether it's fear of failure, the unknown, or being alone.
  • Stress: Take it out on the Scratching Post -- Stress is universal, whether it comes from a cat's vet visit or a guy's painful breakup. Discover how to deal with it effectively.
  • Grooming: A Few Licks Go a Long Way -- Find out how to look good, smell good, and embrace your own personal style, just like Shelly did.

How My Cat Made Me a Better Man is one of the best self help books for men -- and it's also pretty funny. It's packed with humorous top 5 lists, "man vs. cat" comparisons, and anecdotes that every guy can relate to. So if you're looking to achieve some self growth (or know somebody who is), give it a try.