This Dam Life (pilot)

Living in a big pile of sticks isn't easy. But Bucky and his friends try to make the best of it.

Lady and the Ostrich

A lonely woman. A flightless bird. And a whole lotta love. All in the form of an animated poem.


Sometimes when it's dark outside, you have to make your own light.

How My Cat... (book trailer)

Official book trailer for How My Cat Made Me a Better Man.

Lady and the Ostrich (trailer)

A short trailer for Lady and the Ostrich.

The Best of Cubing Out

Think your job is the worst? Then clearly you haven't worked at this office.


A how-to guide for soul-less corporations. Animated for your protection.

Cubing Out (14 episodes)

Reasons why you hate your job -- from email etiquette to awkward holiday parties.

Live Action

Replacing Death

Even Death needs a break sometimes. So he searches for his replacement. This film was made for the 48 Hour Film Project (LA).

Outside the Box (2 episodes)

Two twin boys, one raised in an 8x10 box until his 18th birthday. What could possibly go wrong?

Bangaloring (4 episodes)

Jeremy is outsourced to Bangalore, India. Travelogues and music videos ensue.

My Grapefruit, My Father

Sidney Cloverfield was a cranky old man. Then he died. But his spirit lived a grapefruit.

Shannon Hurley - Garden Path

Music video for Garden Path by Shannon Hurley, from the album "Ready to Wake Up."

Pitching Messmar

Fred just wants to relax with a cup of coffee. A persistent cult member has other ideas.