Barnes & Noble Book Signing. "Jeremy Feig will be meeting with fans and signing copies of his funny men's self-help guide, How My Cat Made Me a Better Man, at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA."

  • Saturday, October 29, 2016

  • 12:00 to 4:00 pm (PT)

  • Barnes & Noble - 1201 3rd Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401


Burbank Library Local Author's Showcase. "Come and meet 50 local authors of mystery, science fiction, fantasy, children’s, young adult, self-help, romance, horror, and more!  Buy books, get autographs, and meet new authors. "

  • Saturday, October 15, 2016

  • 1:00 to 4:00 pm (PT)

  • Buena Vista Branch Library - 300 N. Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA 91505



"Although written with a spry dash of feline humor, How My Cat Made Me a Better Man is a genuine self-help book filled with nine lives' worth of wisdom." -- The Midwest Book Review

"Even though I’m not a guy – as you may have noticed :), I still enjoyed reading the book. The author’s dry and slightly abrasive humor made me laugh and his frank stories reminded me of episodes in my own life." --

"The author made some great observations about living a happy life from his cat, Shelly." --

"At times quite humorous, at times quite profound, this is a quick read that will leave you looking for ways to simplify your own life in order to become as content as your cat." -- Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries & Meows

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"How My Cat Made Me a Better Man is a humorous self-help guide geared towards men, but with advice relevant to any demographic of reader...When Shelly was first introduced to the Santa Monica apartment Feig now shares with Current, she was terrified, and hid in the bathroom behind the toilet for an hour. She began to overcome her fear and make herself comfortable with other parts of the apartment room by room. Feig’s takeaway? Conquer your fears one step at a time." -- Santa Monica Mirror/

"Overall, this book is really smart, well-written, and made me laugh-out-loud quite a lot. And even though I’m only a cat, I found quite a bit of valuable information that can be applied to my humans’ lives." -- Library of Cats

"It's a very good source of advice about life and how to be a good person as well as a happy one. Many of the stories about his little cat, Shelley, made me laugh and appreciate how co-operative my own cats are!" -- Lora's Rants and Reviews!

"Under the guise of a "pet book," Jeremy Feig has written an excellent "self-help book." Yeah, it's that good. In fact, it should be issued to ever high school senior, boys AND girls. There is enough good information here that there's not even a good reason to pretend it's something else." --


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