More Reviews -- Library of Cats and Lora's Rants and Raves

More book reviews are trickling in. This one is from Library of Cats:

"Overall, this book is really smart, well-written, and made me laugh-out-loud quite a lot. And even though I’m only a cat, I found quite a bit of valuable information that can be applied to my humans’ lives."

Yep, it was written by a cat. Specifically, Jack the cat. Here's the full review.

Lora's Rants and Reviews was also kind enough to write a review. A sampling:

"It's a very good source of advice about life and how to be a good person as well as a happy one. Many of the stories about his little cat, Shelley, made me laugh and appreciate how co-operative my own cats are!"

Take a look at the full review here!