Review From The US Review of Books

The US Review of Books just gave a lovely review to "How My Cat Made Me a Better Man." Here's a brief excerpt:

"Feig’s conversational style is witty and disarming. His self-deprecating humor lends charm and vulnerability to his ideas and opinions on becoming a better individual."

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Review from Cat Lady Confidential

Another lovely book review came out today, this time from Cat Lady Confidential. Here's a short excerpt:

"Even though I’m not a guy – as you may have noticed :), I still enjoyed reading the book. The author’s dry and slightly abrasive humor made me laugh and his frank stories reminded me of episodes in my own life."

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Review Roundup: Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries, and Meows + 15 and Meowing

It's Thursday, so it's the perfect day to feature two Monday-themed reviews! Here's a bit of what Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries & Meows had to say:

"At times quite humorous, at times quite profound, this is a quick read that will leave you looking for ways to simplify your own life in order to become as content as your cat."

Check out the full review here. also weighed in, noting...

"The author made some great observations about living a happy life from his cat, Shelly."

Here's the full review.